Quality policy

Borox International AB´s policy is to deliver the correct quality on time. High competence and professional behavior characterizes the contact with customers, suppliers and stakeholders. We work continously with improvements in accordance with laws and regulations.

Environmental policy

Borox International AB´s operations strive to, within reasonable limits, prevent the emission of pollution and toxic waste. We shall not harmfully affect our environment, neither soil, air nor water.      

We shall through continuous improvements in production methods, equipment, choice of suppliers, handling of waste etc. strive towards set goals. We measure and monitor the environmental goals continuously. An active environmental improvement work is an important competition factor. Therefore, following laws and regulations are considered as a minimum demand.

Working Environment policy

  • To replace equipment and change operations that can be harmful in short or long terms.
  • To analyze the risk of occupational injuries.
  • To focus on continuous improvements.