Save time & money with Borox Ice Scrapers

 Montering Borox IsrivareBorox Ice Scraper BX500 is self-sharpening and fits most graders and plows on the market.

After processing the Ice Scraper BX500 leaves a rough road surface with grooves, which retain the salt and sand in an efficient manner. This reduces salt consumption and improves the de-icing operation.

Thanks to the construction and the same hardness throughout the whole blade, you can easily adjust and use the whole blade with as minimum waste as possible.

By using the mounting adapter together with the Ice Scraper you will be able change, turn and adjust the blade easy. Check out our mounting video for more information

To improve the Ice Scraper even more, we have also included the BX550 and Ice Scrapers with returned ends. This gives you a perfect general steel for winter roads with compact snow and ice.

If you need more information, please give us a call.


News published: Feb 07, 2020