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Increase the wear life of your Plow blade

By using the blade efficiently and Borox Plow Blade with the optimized hardness, you can increase the wear life of your blade and thus save both time and money.

Flat edges/Plow blades are the multi-purpose steel for all plowing and grading. We at Borox have adapted this purpose and adjusted the blade so that it will fit the majority of the commercially available machines and equipment on the market.

To simplify the mounting new blades and fliping over existing blades we offer the adapter plate - all you need is a powerful hammer. 

The adaptor plate is bolted to the moldboard and the plow blade is secured with a wedge and wedge bolt, see the mounting video.

Do your need more information? Do you want to know which bolt, wedges and wedge bolts you can use for your mounting?

Contact us and we will tell you more or check out our web catalogue for more information!

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Reduce salt consumption with BX500

Ice Scraper BX500 is a further development of the common perforated edges on the market. Ice scrapers are self-sharpening and fit most graders and plows on the market.

After processing the Ice Scraper leaves a rough road surface with grooves, which retain the salt and sand in an efficient manner. This reduces salt consumption and improves the de-icing operation. Remember to adjust the Ice Scraper as it wears down to use the whole blade.

In the standard assortment we also have Ice Scrapers with a lining of rubber which enables you to work quietly, and Ice Scrapers with a curved end for protecting the outer side of the plow blade.

To improve the Ice Scraper even more, we have also included the BX550 in our standard assortment.

The BX550 is mounted with bolt and nuts or wedges and wedge bolts. 

Contact us and we will tell you more or check out our web catalogue for more information!


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