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Cut, drill, paint and blast!


With our knowledge and experience from 1920 we can offer customized solutions according to your needs. 

Please contact us and we will tell you more!

Vägstål Plow Blade

Save time & money with Borox Blade together wtih Adapter Plate

By using Borox Blade with the optimized hardness together with the Adapter plate, you can increase the wear life of your blade and thus save both time and money.

Click here for more information and the mounting video


You need a new challange for your bucket?!

Try this special sawtooth cutting edge performed by BOROX!!

Talk to your responsible sales guy or customer service to find out more.


For tough environments Borox Cutting Edge, counterbored drilled with Borox Bolt-on edge! 


Borox cutting edge counerbored drilled

Borox Cutting Edges are used in the front of the loader and excavator buckets.

Together with Borox Bolt-on edges you can increase the life of your bucket and maximize the wear life of the edge before replacing. 


Special Grid Bucket equipped with Grouser Bars BOROX500

Designed for an excellent material flow through the bucket!

 Special Gallerskopa rustad med Grouser bars BOROX500 

For more information 

Remember, you can always contact us, and we will help you find the right wear part for your bucket!